Monday, 22 February 2016

Hello, is it me you're looking for?

Having been a tad lazy with my blog for the past 6 months (where did the time go?) I kind of lost all interest in posting updates. But today just out of simple curiosity and boredom I decided to have a quick read over my past entries and have a look at how my traffic figures have suffered since my dissapearance from online blogging. Fully expecting my reader figures to have completely died I was suprised to find that in actuality January 2016 I managed to hit a record number of visits to my page. Granted the months before this where I went quiet there was a significant drop in numbers but this January I hit a rather unexpected peak. 

Now this suggests to me either one of two things. Either;
-There are people out there who've actively visited my blog in the hope to read a new years post from me (And been absolutely bitterly dissapointed of course ;) )
-Or my parents have just been refreshing the page 30 times a day for the same reason (Where I figure most of my traffic comes from)

So what have I been up to since my last post? Suprise, suprise, I've switched format again! This time I feel for good!
It was with a lot of thought and certainly a forced hand that last year I made the switch from hyper turbo sng's to the new spin'n'go games pokerstars has to offer. Before too long though the games got pretty tough, the poor variance dug its heels in and generally my enjoyment of the game slowly diminished. This is where my old boss and good friend suggested to me a switch to mtt's. With a small amount of discussion I decided it was time to leave the world of spin'n'gos for the bread and butter of the poker world multi table tournaments. 

In short these games offered me, better profit, a higher profit ceiling, better working hours, a whole new world of stats, spots and math to play about with and study, but most importantly a complete renewal of my love for the game of poker. Having Played them for about 4 months now I feel like I can confidentally say my love for poker is back to an all time high and I'm making improvements on a daily basis.

Trying to wrap this long overdue update up fairly quickly now! These are my results so far for the year. Theyre not particularly impressive as I've ran pretty terribly in some rough spots (some things never change :) ) but like I said I'm improving on the daily and my buyins (and therefore my expected value) is also being upped fairly regularly. Have gone from being capped at the 11 dollar mtts up to the 55s in the short time I've been playing them so realistically I'd like to be regularly playing the 109s+ by the end of this year and thats when things get fun :). Oh, and I'm now part of a new stable! Left pokerhaven with no animostiy and still good friends with my old boss and old horsey associates. Perhaps in the coming months I'll go into more detail about my new stable (I'll have to ask the new dude in charge).


 These results are across 4 seperate sites and pre rakeback. If I keep on top of blog entries now I'll keep these graphs up to date.

Also for the time being everything in my life is rather poker orientated so it's fitting this post is fully poker orientated. If I can find the motivation to update on the reg again I'll post some more about other life ambitions, changes and general news with me.

And whats a new year posts worth without a resolution of some sorts!

On a final and more poignant note I'd just like to share with you guys the story of a good friend of mine who passed away very recently.
This article really highlights the kind and caring person that we've unfortunately lost. He was one of the most genuine people I've had the fortune to know and I hope you do the guy a little justice by simply reading this article and remembering a top bloke. He absolutely wasn't one to boast or show off about his achievements or his struggles with adversary but I feel his life and his character really deserves some recognition!

Rest In Peace mate!

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